The Ritual of an Expert Barber

9 januari 2017

Author: Marianna Lagakou-Van Zandweghe: independent blogger and columnist.

Today I witnessed one of the rare moments you see a barber perform his very own ritual...not on a client, but himself. So, he made a conscious choice to use the products and techniques that appeal to him alone.

Tom Audoore - to many known as Barbier Tom - demonstrated his skills on the shavette - DO NOT try this at home, unless you have a license to shave - while applying the refreshing, pure products "MEN3" by Belgian brand CosMENtis. Tested and trusted, they are available for purchase at his shops in Gent, Eeklo and Knokke.

Let my pictures guide you through the stages and sensations of the experience.

Step 1: The pores open with the preshave. All senses get a kick, just like a generous sip on a straight espresso.


Step 2: The shave, a gentle, smooth, soft texture feel on the cheeks and neck, like a warm, milky macchiato. 


Step 3: Time for dessert. A final, mild, uplifting touch of the aftershave and from his lady who approves...


The Ritual of an Expert Barber

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