MEN³ Distributors

Looking to add top quality men's grooming products as a distributor?

The MEN3 shaving line is unique not only in its properties and effectiveness, but in our support to you as a distributor, to ensure your success with our products.

Gentlemen appreciate the experience and results from MEN3 products when used by high level professionals, so they like to use them at home, too. MENclients are deeply loyal and stay with the brand. This means returning customers for you.

Our products are sold to the public only through professional outlets such as skincare professionals, expert barbers, high-end hair salons, esthetic clinics, and men’s concept stores. MEN3 is not available through web shops because use of our products requires professional consultation.

We support your success by having MEN3 branded images, educational and promotional materials available. We also happily advise and share knowledge on B2B marketing for MEN3 products.

 What do our customers say?

Christof Laforce, concept store business manager (Mantype)

"The customers are amazed by the user-friendliness of the products and the direct result. Even doctors, usually a picky public, come here especially for the MEN3 products. Remarkable detail: my top stylist Luc, who really hates selling and therefore rarely sold products, sells MEN3 like sweet rolls (laughs)!”

Myriam Porcu, esthetic salon (owner Boost Skincare)

I really like using MENproducts fragrance and texture are so nice, both from my clients’ perspective and from my own as an esthetician. It’s excellent for dry or sensitive skin and it’s very concentrated and effective. Shaving with MEN3 is actually less expensive than other ways of shaving and the result is so much better.”

Tony van Galen, MEN3 retail client 

“I used to shave with an electric razor and then I moved to a safety razor. It was always quick and hurried. I never enjoyed shaving.

Then I attended a MEN3 shaving workshop and learned how to shave a different way. There’s a great difference; my skin is much smoother. The aftershave smells good. It’s neutral but masculine.

Shaving has become a daily ritual that I really enjoy. I leave in the morning feeling fresh and feeling good. It was a “have-to”, and now it’s a pleasure.”

Watch your customers smile. Watch your sales grow.

Contact us for wholesale opportunities. 
  • +32 (0)479 458359 (Mobile + WhatsApp  ) 
  • +32 (0)16 202533
  • Skype appointment is also possible.

To order MEN³ products for your Salon or Barbershop

call: 0032 (0)479 458359 or mail: for pricing

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MEN³ Distributors

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